I think I missed something re: FP2

Hi everyone,
I have a FP2 which has been living in a drawer for a few years. I have recharged it and it is not working. Have I missed something - does FP2 no longer work? What can I do to bring it back to life? (if anything!)

Before it went to live in the drawer, it was having trouble taking calls and taking photos. It seems to have difficulty updating the OS at the moment too. perhaps it has reached the end of its life. If so, can I return it for recycling?

Thanks for any information and suggestions,

If your phone doesn’t turn on anymore there might be a number of reasons, none of them are systematic in terms of “does FP2 no longer work”, no one disabled all FP2 remotely or something like that. If the battery was inserted for the whole time it might be dead. Don’t know how you charged it, if the display had shown something while charging or if there was any sign of life from the phone at all. If not, then a dead battery might explain what you’re seeing. You could try a known good battery from someone else if you don’t want to buy a new one (which I wouldn’t do at the current state of the phone to be honest).
The other issues are probably only worth talking about if the phone manages to revive from its deep sleep in the drawer. I can imagine that it has troubles updating the OS if it doesn’t turn on, that’s quite a challenge :wink:
If you don’t want to offer your phone to e.g. Fairphone angels for spare parts, Fairphone takes back old phones, too: Recycling | Fairphone


FP2 has a light as indicator for charging in the upper left corner.
Charging = yellowish
Fully charged turns to green.
If there’s light there might still be hope :wink:

Only other thing I can think of:
Open the backside, remove the battery and re-insert.
Perhaps the battery contacts got loose or dirty over the years of inactivity.

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I placed a small piece of paper on the small side of the bottom of the battery. So it’s prevented from moving.

Also I can recommend the kickstart of your battery to reset the software in the battery.


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