I support Fairphone because

Today we’ve posted our first shareable cards on Facebook. We hope people use them to tell other people why they chose Fairphone.

What do you think and what other cards should we make?


I really like the cards, though I would have rather put ‘where my phone is made’ instead of ‘where my Fairphone is made’. :smiley:
These might also be ideas for community shirts?!


Great idea! :smiley:
I think another option would be something like: “I know every factory worker who worked for my (fair-)phone” or something like that?

“It makes me feel connected to others.”

I think both are close, but they do not really hit the spot. Not sure how to say that, but I guess the main message is:

“I know who made my phone and under what conditions. And I also know about the whereabouts of its materials!”

But I dislike “I” slogans :smile:

Also buying something should not be the most important thing to be part of something.

Update: "A smartphone was build under healthy and fair conditions. Also the whereabouts of its materials are known. Yep, that’s possible. Fairphone 2"

(True, that would not fit into a facebook or twitter pic so well, but I … don’t mind.)

Facebook version:
A smartphone build under healthy & fair conditions.
With materials from known sources.
It’s possible. Fairphone 2

Looks like this in “Apple-Like-Thin-Font-Style” (If you want to try yourself: The open thin font is called Lato & Logo is done in Droid Sans)


Right that should be the message and I wasn’t sure how to say it best :wink:

I’ll update here in 2 weeks the most common mentioned points from my survey(see other topic)! Totally fits :slight_smile: I like the idea a lot!


Not sure if “Materials from known sources” is 100% correct, it depends on how you read it I assume. If someone has a better idea, let me know! It’s hard to explain “the improvement” of long supply chains without saying anything wrong.

“Materials from audited/certified/checked/mostly fair sources?”

Update: I just add a fake “blue card” for those who want to think about the slogan a bit more

I don’t understand the little + and x icons on the blue one, but how about adding circle-icon from the Peace-of-Mind-app? I don’t even know if that is from FP, but it certainly makes sense in terms of using your phone. :slight_smile:

Fairphone is made in China in fair and safe conditions


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I think this are the screws which enables you to easily open the FP2, as only standard torx (*) and crosstip screwdriver (+ and x) are used. So “Designed to Open” could maybe stand at the border…


I like this, but I am afraid that as Fairphone we can not publish it…

We are pushing the boundaries and getting more fair and fair all the time, but not all materials are from known sources and not all working conditions are healthy and fair yet as not all parts in the supply chain are known, let alone audited.

How about:
“I haven’t had to wait for something this long since I was a kid at Christmas!”



I know & agree. Nice to see that mentioned also from your side. I would’ve used percentages but currently there are none available :wink: I’ll just wait a bit, maybe it can be used later or I can use some info from here.

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Self-irony. I love it! :smiley:


“When a man can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.”

  • Thomas Szasz
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I don’t know how it is with other phone manufacturers, but one thing I really like about FairPhone is that the company itself seems so accessible. Probably because it’s still a relatively small group of people that work at FP, and due to them being present in the community through Facebook, Twitter and, of course, this forum, it feels like there’s a very short line of communication towards the FP people themselves. Even when someone like Douwe or Joe says they’ll check up on something with other people within the company, usually an answer will follow sometime soon. And I know there have been some complaints about the communication from FP to the community, but despite this I feel like I’m much closer to my phone’s manufacturer than I’ve ever felt with the HTC, Sony Erricson or Nokia phones I’ve had.


My reply is not so much ‘because’ but ‘how’:smile:

I’ve written a short report for my trade union’s magazine about the Fairphone and why it is special. It should be out in a few weeks.

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@Cathal: This is great! But: did you read the first post? :wink:

Of course. That’s why my opening sentence indicates that it was prompted by but not constrained by the topic title. :smile:

we made some new cards! Hope you like them :smile: