I should really clean up more often

Whenever I cleaned up my childhood room I was always rewarded by finding something I wasn’t searching for - usually it was an envelope filled with Christmas-wishes and money I forgot to take out. :money_mouth_face:

Today I cleaned up and found… drumroll … an original FP1 battery still in it’s packaging! :open_mouth:
No idea how or why I still have one, but I do.
I feel like simply selling it or giving it away is a bit anti-climactic and I should rather start a contest or something. Maybe something like the person who solves the most #unsolved topics in x days gets it. If you have a better idea let me know.
Also should I take the battery out and test it or keep it in “mint condition”? :wink:


Testing it is the sensible thing to do. :angel:


Now I think the most sensible way to give it away would be locally. Maybe you could inform FP1 owners in your Vienna list that the battery will go to the FP1 owner who brings the most new folks to the next Austrian Fairphoners meetup? (Make sure to make up your mind beforehand what to do if that FP1 owner is a core team member :wink: )


Just 2 thoughts I had, when reading this short thread:

  1. Why not make it a first come - first serve case, as not everyone in need of a battery will read this thread beforehand and this way everyone has the same chance.

  2. Why should a core team member stand back or be less in need of a battery?

I agree on testing as a sensible thing to do. I assume you already checked, that it’s not bloated. :wink:


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