I receive text messages twice, or even several times

Each time someone sends me a text message, I keep on receiving it twice, or even several times.
It happens with different people so it’s my problem, not theirs.
I have the Android version 4.2.2.
I have Fairphone Kola Nut 1.8.7.
I hope you know howw to fix this! Thanks in advance.

Does it happen also, if you use a different SIM card in your phone?

I always have 2 SIM cards inserted in the Fairphone, but I usually have one of the two disarmed.
And it usually happens when is like that, with just one in function.

Sounds a bit like the notification that the SMS was received isn’t getting through to the operator (either yours or the sender’s). This causes the SMS to be resent until the notification is received. If you’re getting the text messages at regular intervals (that can become larger over time, e.g. once an hour for 24 hours, then once every 6 hours for a while), this could be the case. It’s usually a problem at the level of different providers involved - higher chance of this occurring if the recipient or sender is roaming.

I usually receive the text messages several times in a row, separated between 2 sec and 2 minutes maximum. After 6 messages (the same message) it usually stops. I think I’ve never had repeated messages separed 24h or more.

Same problem here, since more than a week now. Has your problem been solved already?
It also occurs when I send message on my phone. I’ve already checked with my provider and changed phones, no problem then, so it’s not the card.
Very interested in how you solved this.

sorry for my late reply but I didn’t solve the problem.
It stills happening.
Good luck

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