I need to change both bottom module and ribbon cable


A friend of mine dropped his FP3 in salt water, and tried to restart it before cleaning and drying it. It can’t charge anymore and after having a look, both the bottom module and it’s ribbon cable connecting it to the motherboard are to be changed.

Does anyone know if the ribbon cable comes with a spare bottom module ordered on fairphone website ?



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Hi @PiGo Welcome to the forum and it doesn’t look like it does :frowning: Better contact support|@|fairphone.etc

Just trying to compare your images to the one on offer

Hi amoun,

Thanks for your reply.

I opened every module to clean every trace of salt. This is the inside board of bottom module, and the ribbon cable on the left. You can see that one or more cupper connector has melted, damaging both module and cable.

I contacted support yesterday, but figured that some user could already have ordered a bottom module and could answer this question : Is there a ribbon cable delivered with a spare bottom module ?


Hi all,

Just had news from support. Spare module doesn’t come with ribbons. They suggest I send the phone for repair.

With no idea yet of what the cost may be, since most of the phone has been immerged, not sure what my friend will do.


Hi. As you indicate/imply their may so much damage to the rest of the phone it may be an idea to get a secondhand working one, not common and at least test all the modules, some maybe salvageable.

You can send it for a quote but you/your friend will have to pay for postage each way.

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Yes, this is probably more reasonable. But it’s a bit disappointing not to be able to get the replacement for that ribbon cable.

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Yes it such a simple part. I imagine they never really thought about keeping any stock for sale, though no doubt they have some.

It may be worth asking if it’s a standard piece, though I very much doubt it, but they may take pity on you and send you one anyway.

They after all want to not only keep the phone operating longer than the average but want the customers to take more responsibility, well here’s an new opportunity for them to act on that.


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