I need an alarm that boots up the phone

I have read that enabling quickboot mode would turn the phone on when an alarm goes off, so that I don’t keep the phone on overnight. However, here

it says that will give a problem and an update in May disabled quickboot mode. I actually cannot find it in the developer options.

Is there a way to make the phone ‘wake up’ from off when an alarm goes off? This would mean the world to me.

My phone is fp2 with the latest OS.


I don’t think so. What I do when I need my phone to wake me up without disturbing me earlier and without using too much battery: I just turn it to silent and to plane mode.


I’m not a big fan of doing that. The phone doesn’t seem to charge as well while on and it decreases the overall lifetime of the device. I hope the developers do something about this.

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Actually leaving the phone in airplane mode over night wastes less battery than booting down and up again once, so it should charge better in airplane mode than turned off.

Also I’m not sure rebooting is better for the phone’s lifespan than a night in standby.


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