I need a Battery for a Fairphone 1

I there :slight_smile: I need a fairphone 1 battery. I have used my fairphone 1 since 3 years and I am fine with it. I don’t want to lay it by side just because of the battery. At the moment I need to load it 2 times a day. I am very sad about that. Is there anyone who have a second battery for me?

Greets from Germany

Just in case you cannot find an original one, BertG summarizes it well here:

Thanks for the hint. I first wanted to try to get an original one, because I am not that good in electronic stuff and scared, that I am not able to make that spacer fix thing. :smiley:

Or could you explain me how that works?


Well, I just take some cardboard and fold it a few times, so it fits the freee space sitting tight and applying some pressure on the battery.
That’s low-cost, sufficient and - at least in my opinion - safe. Should the phone be getting hot enough to light up the cardboard, it will surely have “burnt” throug your pocket first.


Maybe I should not have given you a “link inside a link” :wink: Here’s what BertG refers to:

There are several photos in that topic that show how easy you can fill the space.


Thank you for your help :slight_smile: That sounds easy :slight_smile:


Hi I got a battery for my old Fairphone 1 from Jubatec. (1700mAh Original jubatec Battery for Fairphone 1 incl. Matching Spacer)

It works very well. This is he webpage. https://www.jubatec.net/handyakkus/fairphone/

thats funny i just also ordered that from jubatec. thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

How does the spacer work for you?
Do they still sell this orange silicone-part?
I ordered just the spacer and it was way to flexible in my case. Whenever the phone got a light bump, the battery lost contact and the phone went off.
That’s why I returned to some cardboard folded up and pressed in, to keep the battery tight in place.

Btw: the Akku-King is a bit cheaper. :wink:

Hey I have the Battery and the spacer now. Mine was to small to. Yes they still sell the orange one. I just put some folded paper next to the spacer and now it works. I am very happy, that it works now! :slight_smile:

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