I introduce: Free Software Donation Day

Sounds intersting! I would post my data there, but I don’t have any spare time to help developing currently.

Donated to conversations (Your XMPP account for 8 Euro / year)

More about conversations read hier


Good idea! I don’t think that I can remember to donate each month, but I try do it once in while. Donated to F-droid today. Next ideas:

  • Etar
  • Open camera
  • Mozilla
  • DAVdroid
  • LibreOffice
  • VLC

So, if I find some time this weekend I will look for some useful software or start writing something myself for the website. It would be great to already have something next month. :wink:

Btw: Donated to conversations today. At the moment my favorite free software.

Do you think it would be a good idea if we, as the Fairphone community, tried to agree on one project every month?

We could then say “This month the Fairphone community donates X EUR to …”.

Sounds like a good idea, but

  1. I wonder if it’s not too compelling and difficult to organize (who should we wire the money to before donating to the chosen software? who would centralize the donations?)
  2. We (Fairphone users) are nice idealists, but we should avoid appearing (too) smug (remember this old Southpark episode?). Such a statement as “This month the Fairphone community donates X EUR to …” may not be really useful!

I like the anonymity in charity (well, in this case it wouldn’t be charity as we would pay for a service/an effort that we benefit from) and I would see this post more like an incentive, a way to get ideas of softwares to donate to, and a reminder. Maybe we could think about something like a discussion or even a poll every month and converge towards one company. It could be what you were considering, but without the final statement!

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I wasn’t thinking about centralizing payments. What I had in mind more was a voluntary declaration from community members. And at the end of the month someone would just calculate the sum of the individual donations.

Hi again, I spent an hour or two on the free-software-donation-day.com today. Without any outcome to show yet. Just wanted to let you know that I am still enthusiastic. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of choosing a project per month together as a community. Again this adds some social aspect to it.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to include the actual amount. I fear that it then feels like some kind of competition or ego boost. And I also would like to encourage people to participate, even if they can’t or don’t want to give much.

€dit: I am not allowed to post more than three times per Thread, because I am a new user. (Srzly?) So I just edit my last post:

Yesterday was FSDD again. :smiley:
I did not do much regarding the Website. I am still convinced that it would be a good idea, but I was very busy. I even forgot FSDD yesterday.

Well, but to keep this alive at least a bit: I will give some money to conversations.im again. Why them? Because for me it is the most important Free Software project at the moment and I really want to support it’s development.


kein Software.

Aber viel ueber Datenschutz , IT-Sichheit, Ueberwachung, Your phone Your data, Android ohne Google…

Sehr guter und informativer Blog

Aktuell fehlen noch geld um den Kuketz-Blog in gewohntem Umfang und Qualität fortzusetzen…

Meine Spende im Dezember.

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This topic is just great!
I just found this website that will make an alternative way of donating to projects possible:


Still in beta it seems, but maybe a nice way to ánd donate to good software ánd promote them by wearing their logo on your chest.


Well, quite a busy period for donation and I think that I would favour humanitarian NGOs this month, but I also donated to Framasoft. I like their goal and their efforts to offer Google-free services. I am currently trying their calendar, which also synchronizes contacts and notes. No problem so far.
Have a nice donation week :slight_smile:

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I am a bit early this month, but I donated to Mozilla.org to support their work on Firefox, Thunderbird and the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network). In fact, I rely so much on their software, that I started a Monthly donation of 2€. I also donated to Wikipedia this month.


Glad to see the thread is still alive. :slight_smile:

My donation this month goes to conversations.im again. Still the most important Free Software Project for me at the moment. I give a little bit more this month, because of Christmas and Holidays and stuff. :wink:

For the protocol: I did not do anything on the website. Did not have the time by now and I am actually not sure if too many people would be interested… So maybe just stick with this thread. :slight_smile: If I will find some time, I’ll still work on the Website of course.

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Not much spare time these days. But at least I’d like to try and keep this idea alive.

My donation this month went to letsencrypt.org . They provide a simple and automated way to generate TLS-Certificates for your web server. I’m using this service for some months (years?) now and when something went wrong recently, I remembered how much I love this project. :slight_smile:
With their effort it is a realistic goal now to have the whole web on https instead of http some day in the future.


Last month I donated to http://kontalk.net/


Didn’t know about Framasoft, thanks for sharing!

Hi @nore , thanks for the effort!

letsenrypt.org is very good idea, I joined you and donated 6$ to support their goal of a more secure web for everyone. @Stefan kontalk is a great idea to. Is it working well?


I’ve been testing group chats with @stanzi, @lidwien and @Marie1 and we finally made it to the last beta! :smiley:

Also their plan for 2017 is to facilitate federation with other XMPP networks (no walled garden!)

Kontalk has had a Discourse for some weeks, BTW: :slight_smile:


It’s not the last Thursday of the month, but it is Valentine’s Day aka I love Free Software day. (https://fsfe.org/news/2017/news-20170209-01.en.html)
So I showed some love to the Debian project today.
I’m a Debian user for years now. And before I was using Linux Mint and Ubuntu, which both rely heavily on Debian. And I really love the spirit of the project.


Yesterday was FSDD. My donation went to https://www.openstreetmap.de