I introduce: Free Software Donation Day

I don’t use either… And would rather donate to an app, which I am using.
Too bad that F-Droid doesn’t have a bank account for donation, so I can’t join you for the September donation.

I am thinking about giving some money to K-9 Mail, as it really is much better than the default E-Mail app.

Contrary to all those that are sold to Paypal, F-droid accepts donation via Flattr and even in bitcoins…

It’s important to note that Flattr takes a share of 10% (!) which is much higher than any other payment service I know of, including Paypal. (You can still have other reasons to avoid Paypal, of course)

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I prefer periodic donations to provide stability to the developers. So I am using gratipay.com

@Herve5, @haffenloher Thanks for your interest and contribution but let us please try to keep on topic. This is not to discuss payment/donation providers but which OS software for smartphones we support financially.

@sim6 Which developers are you supporting with gratipay?

My supported project for November is Kontalk. Kontalk is a open source messenger for Android. Currently it’s developer is investing a lot of work to make it compatible with the XMPP protocol, a standard messaging protocol supporting custom clients and decentralized servers, more like email. He therefore is very active in proposing XMPP extensions and developing a new version of kontalk using that protocol.
Kontalk uses your phone number for username to make it easier to discover other users. The kontalk network provides the servers for message exchange and i hope to contribute to these costs as well as software development with my (arguably very small) donation of 4€.

Are you joining? What are your supported projects of November 2014?


I am new in the Android ecosystem… currently I am donating to the following projects related to my FairPhone:

https://gratipay.com/cketti/ (K-9 mail)
https://gratipay.com/iNPUTmice/ (Conversations)
https://gratipay.com/hoffimar/ (timerdroid)

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@sim6 thanks for sharing. gratipay seems to be very interesting, but recurring payments are somewhat incompatible with my idea to donate/pay to on developer every month. however, they may be a more sustainable solution for apps or services you really rely on.

this thread was the final impulse i needed to finally start donating to causes i want to support.
I just transferred some cash to Coinbase, so in a few workdays I’ll have some bitcoin wich I can use to donate with gratipay.

I will do it like this: My donation budget will be 10$/month in the beginning (I’m a student right now, in a few years I’ll have income and can donate more).
I divide my donations in 4 groups, wich will all get 1/4 of my monthly budget:
-basic human rights
-free libre stuff (software, hardware, multimedia, information)
-services i use

Each cause will get a rating in each of those 4 groups.
for example fairphone will get 0,5 points in both environment (for their effort in reducing e-waste) and basic human rights (for their effort in improving the situation for miners and factory workers.), 0,2 points in the free libre category (because they generally are open to openness, but are far away from getting a “respects your freedom” approval from the fsf and from being free/open source hardware) and 1 point in services i use (because i use the fairphone and I’m really happy with it and the support/community).

In each group then the share of my budget (currently 10/4 = 2,5$) is divided by the total number of awarded points. the result is the ‘worth’ of each point. e.g in environment there are currently 3 causes: wwf and greenpeace each with 1 point and fairphone with 0,5 points. so the sum is 2,5 points, wich means each point is worth 1$, so greenpeace and wwf get 1$ and fairphone 0,5$. (in this category. totally fairphone will get 1,26$)

Fairphone, as well as many other causes I want to donate to, is not on gratipay yet, but there is an option to ‘pledge’ to not yet existing users and as soon as they join gratipay they will start recieving the monthly donations.


I donated to GnuPG. In the light of the Snowden revelations I found it incredible that such an important project relies on a single main developper. According to the latest article in Der Spiegel the PGP-Standard still seems to be “NSA-proof”.

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Thanks fo joining me @fair2fair, @paulakreuzer, and @Pewee !

I was not at home last Friday, but here is my Donation for Free Software Donation Day Dezember 2014: Mozilla.

I really like Mozilla’s efforts with Firefox OS and i still use Firefox for Web and Thunderbird for Mail on my PC. The first app i install on my Fairphone is always Firefox for Android. Given the included browser is somewhat old and does not live up to my expectations of a modern web browser, Firefox is a great and incredible useful app for me i use everyday.

You can donate to Mozilla here: https://sendto.mozilla.org/ by CreditCard, Paypal and Bitcoin (bitcoin is somewhat hidden).


Very good idea to support Mozilla @ben! I also use Firefox and/or Thunderbird on my devices but never thought about donating to them. Since I already spent my budget for December, I will donate to Mozilla in January.

In December I supported AdAway, an open source ad blocker. I have a limited data plan on mobile and it does a great job saving traffic.

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Resuming this thread as I started donating too :smile:
My “project of month” for March is: XPrivacy, I find it very useful and it works very well so I bought the pro license :smile:


I’m gonna donate some money to a project that’s not mobile phone related, but it’s free and open source. It’s called Shotcut and is a video editor much like Adobe Premiere. It still lacks a few basic and more advanced features but it’s very well usable for home video editing.

I’m currently using it to edit some video footage filmed on a holiday two years ago and it’s all working pretty well. When its done and I’m happy with the result I’m going to donate some money to the author of Shotcut because his software is pretty awesome and he’s working on it in his spare time :slight_smile:


Thanks for resuming that thread!

In February i donated to https://www.gnupg.org. I use it on my desktop, but with K9-mail and APGP OpenKeyChain, you can use OpenGPG on your Fairphone as well. I do not since i do not want to carry my private key around with me :slight_smile: .

Anyway, for March I am thinking of K9mail. Other suggestions?


@ben Two pieces of information for you:

  1. APG is no longer maintained. You should better use OpenKeychain, also available from F-Droid. OpenKeychain started as a fork of APG but it is very actively developped, has a much nicer user interface than APG and provides many new functions. The integration with K9mail works as with APG. There is also a joint effort of the K9mail and OpenKeychain teams to finally support PGP/MIME mails. Work is already going on, but I don’t know when this feature will be ready.

  2. The code of GnuPG is not used in APG or OpenKeychain. Instead both rely on the Bouncy Castle implementation of the OpenPGP standard.

Edit: Ah, I just realized, you wrote that you are actually not using it on your Fairphone. Anyway, my post might be helpful for others.


@fair2fair: Thank you, i edited my post above a bit.

My project donation for the month: F-Droid :smile:


This month I donated to https://www.jabber.de/ a great and very stable xmpp server I use in combination with Conversations. They are currently looking for donations to cover their server costs.


New donations:

  • Xposed Framework
  • GravityBox

I use this last Thursday of the month to do some thread grave digging. I really like the idea of a monthly “Free Software Donation” day. So I want to revive it. :wink:

Maybe we can build a simple platform where people can post to which project they just donated and why, like you did here. And then spread the word in different communities. For that purpose I registered free-software-donation-day.com yesterday. But I first wanted to hear, if you are interested.

I think it is always motivating to do something together and to share it with each other. I think that’s why I found this idea so motivating when I read about it two years ago (and donated some money to free software projects every last Thursday of a month for some time). So I would like to make it as easy as possible for people to simply say “I donated something to xy. I do this because… and I choose xy because…” .

In any way I will donate something later and let you know about it. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.