I found a lost Fairphone in Rome

Hello. I found a lost fairphone in Rome with French sim cards. I would like to return it to its owner. I was going to take a picture with my contact info that would upload to google photos (I did this before to return another android found phone) but I cannot see how to take a picture with the lock screen on. Any ideas to return it?


Did you try to press the start button twice?

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I did do that. EIther it was not set up to take pictures or I am doing it wrong.

Which Fairphone is it?

Maybe you can put an add in:

and the original owner might find it.

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You might want ot contact Fairphone support at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, they are said to keep a list of Fairphones reported to them as lost or stolen. They will need the IMEI of the found phone (but don’t reveal the IMEI here in public). Depending on FP type, the IMEI(s) can usually be found in the battery tray.


It is either a 3 or a 3+ it seems. How do I tell the difference?

The whole FP3 housing is translucent black, the FP3+ is all black with no transparency at all.

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Thanks. I just wrote to support.

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Ok. It’s not translucent at all.

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You can keep the phone turned on a few days in the hope someone will call it. Assuming it wasn’t off and now the sim card need the pin code to work. Nowdays, people less often put a pin to their sim but keep it on and charged if you don’t know.

If no news, you can reach out the carrier of the sim card and tell them the number on the back of the sim. So they can reach their customer to contact you.
I’m french so I can help to find the contact form/email of the carrier. And translate message exchanges with them.


Unfortunately, the phone had lost power, I charged it at home with the hopes of taking a picture that would upload to the cloud. (How I returned a lost phone to the owner in the past.) That was not an option. So, I took a picture of the sim cards and the IMEI. I tried to call both SIM companies (I have a basic University French) but I could not get in contact with the operator only endless menu choices. Also, because my number is Italian, I could not leave a number for them to call.

I would be happy to share these pictures with a French person who can help out a fellow national of theirs by making the call! Please let me know how to get in touch if this is the case.


Also the phone is on, if they have a location service activated I hope they will come. I left a message with the porter that I have a “found phone” and I am looking for the owner.


I guess you probably already checked if there is emergency information stored in the phone (on lock screen, press “emergency”, then “emergency information” twice)?


Hi, I could put an announcement on Facebook or Le Bon Coin here in France, but it’s a bit of a long shot. Send me a pm with the info.


Did you send a pm (#how-to-dm ) to @tuxayo who offered local (French) help?


Hello all, I brought the phone to the police station here in Trastevere, Rome today.

Commissariato Trastevere
Via San Francesco Ripa, 64
00153 (ROMA - RM)
Telefono: 065839141
Email: dipps172.3002@pecps.poliziadistato.it

This ends my part in the story. Thank you to all for offering to help. Please take a moment to enter emergency info in your phone or tape your email address or business card to the inside of your phone cover. Some people just want to get your stuff back to you, help them out.


Kudos to you trying to get it back. Love the Fairphone Community!


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