I deleted my whole camera folder (with all pics?) from my gallery

dear people,

shortly after getting up, half sleepin, I deleted the camera folder from the gallery (I only wanted to delete the shown pic, but what does it matter…). The process took just 1sec, although there are about 1000 pics in the folder - so I still hope the data is somewhere on the phone. I turned down my phone immediately to have no data change on the phone and got to this forum.

If someone can help me, I would be VERY glad as there are a lot of pics I need for work.

p.s. I have no cloud :frowning:

thx, Hans

No personal experience (well, I do have deleted pics accidentally but haven’t tried to recover them). But it should be possible to recover lost data. Try a google search, e.g. för “recover deleted files android” and you’ll find free apps as well as free programs for Windows/Mac that promise to do the trick. Might be worth trying. And there might be others here who have direct experience and can help you further. Good luck!

Can’t help adding that obvious advice: in the future, don’t forget to back up valuable data :slight_smile:


it is quite possible to recover files deleted from an SD-card and i have done this before. I do not know how good this works if you store the pics on the phone storage, but it should work by connecting the phone storage in USB mode.

If you used the microSD card, put that in microSD adapter and use a card reader to read the data. I used the tool PhotoRec. As you probably know, if you simply delete files you only remove there “description” for “file-table”. PhotoRec scans the real data sd-card for typical signatures of images and recovers them in a directory.

I was able to recover all lost files this way and i even “recovered” some pictures i deleted years before. So i see a good chance for you.

Good Luck and don’t hesitate to come back here if you have questions on how to use the tool!