I can't use my fairphone 2 anymore (crazy touchscreen, reboots…)

ok, thanks.
Seems I need not only a new screen, but some patience, too :wink:
I think the normal process would be, that i have to resent my fairphone to check what`s wrong.

“(…) Under this Warranty, you have given a maximum of two (2) months after discovery of defect to notify us.Having said that, any defect apparent within six (6) months of delivery are presumed to have existed at the moment of delivery. However, if proven through technical diagnosis that such defect is caused by improper handling, Fairphone may disregard your warranty claim.(…)”

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I spoke too soon. Having taken the phone apart several times and cleaned all the contacts, it still misbehaves after a few hours - random screen “presses”, switching between apps and other totally weird behaviour. If I take the battery out and restart it, it’s okay for a few hours, but soon reverts to its madness. It’s becoming unusable… It charges okay, but gets quite warm doing so.

Hello, I have the same problem :s

Similar issue for me. Hoping for some insights, will post this as a repair request as well.

Main symptoms:

  • Keypad: letters furthest to the right on keypad do not react at all, tap-hold is impossible for letters near the problem area. Installing and uninstalling different keypad apps has no effect.
  • Phone: often impossible to reply by swiping to the right, the swipe ends before hitting the “pick-up” symbol. Sometimes managing after 3-7 swipes.
  • “Side-swipe” menu from the right is not available at all.
  • Occasional severe “ghost-touch” behaviour, phone starts swiping menus, opening and closing apps, writing messages etc without any input from me. Has happened 3 times now, reboot is only remedy. Have a 3 minute video of this for anyone interested.

Root problem (as far as I have investigated it): The whole right hand side of the screen has a vertical row of “dead” or glitchy touchpoints. It seems there is some problem with horizontal mapping next to it as well. See linked pictures for difference between left and right side of screen (screenshots from touchscreen test app). I made some geometric patterns by hand to illustrate the problem.
(Diagonal ZigZag)(Spiral doodles)(Small zigzags)
Note following in pictures:

  • It’s impossible to reach all the way to the right edge of the screen, there is a “border” of approx. 6mm which is completely “dead”.
  • Next to the right side “border” there seems to be very low touch resolution, giving approx. 10mm of horizontal lines where I have made rounded shapes or diagonal lines.

I also tried multitouch and there it goes really bad, probably one root to erratic behaviour. Since there are dead touchpoints, one finger often is interpreted as two touches or a hold+tap when near the right edge.

Have tried to reboot, battery removal reboot, remove screen and clean contact points. HW failure?

If re-assembling didn’t help, I’d recommend to get in touch with support to get a replacement under warranty.

Thanks, just sent a support request.

I have the exact three same issuses with my FP2 as Pandark: 1. The screen goes crazy and opens apps randomly, opens conversations, changes settings etc (even almost locked me out due to wrong pin code twice)… 2. In portrait/standing mode, I can’t use the same letters - “n” or “s” on the keyboard with the same result. I’ve tried changing keyboard without result. 3. Random reboots. So far, I haven’t noticed any pattern for when/what apps I use.
I also had problems with the screen going black when calling, just like Schwarz, but since the second last update that issue is gone (thank God).
I’m a bit concerned even though there is no left side paralysis or answering problems … yet. The problems I described above have been consitent since a couple of months, during at least the two last updates.

What do you think about it?? :frowning:
I’m so disappointed, my Fairphone is crazy since july.
I’ll return it if warranty runs… Does anyone know what’s the procedure?

Contact support and wait…

any news from the support ?

So, i sent request to the support yesterday, wait & see also

I submitted a request and waited a while.
They told me to open an account on the return website and request a return.
(I backed up my contacts and sms, then spent some time looking for a replacement phone before I did it).
After a day or two, it was approved.
I chose a pick up date (different days available, but only “between 12:00 and 8:00 PM”).
The DHL guy picked it up around 1 PM (so I didn’t have to wait all day :thumbsup: ).
I put the phone+battery+back cover in the original packaging, and covered the previous shipping tag with the new one.
I am now waiting for the phone to arrive to them, then to get their assessment (can they repair/replace the phone? do I have to pay, and if so, how much?).

Since the first answer to the request I submitted, it all went well and fast :slight_smile:

Edit (2016-09-29) : I’ve got an email today: “We have just created a new order for you […] will bypass the regular queue and get shipped as soon as possible”. Hooray! :grinning:

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moi aussi mon fairphone2 a le même problème avec le contact tactile.
pas facile de mettre le mot de passe…
je n’utilise quasiment pas ce téléphone et uniquement pour envoyer maximum 4 SMS par semaine et il me lache au bout de 3 mois d’utilisation. Bravo pour la qualité des composants. C’est fair ?

having the same problems like everyone else here even though my fp 2 is up to date (1.7.0)

just send a support request.

really not happy with my phone or the support guys =(

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