I can't read my email (Greenisp.co.uk) on my Fairphone

I purchased my Fp a year ago. All this time I have been unable to read my emails. I can read other web pages ok. Any suggestions ?

Are you using the default web browser that comes preinstalled? If yes, you could try if it works with Chrome or Firefox.

And I would probably contact their customer support.

Does your ISP have an IMAP server that you can use? If yes, add the mail account that way in the GMail app, or if you don’t want to use GMail, get the K9 Mail app from Play Store or F-Droid.

I use duckduckgo or Startpege. I have tried on Google Chrome too. No joy. When I sign in to my Greenisp account it opens ok. But then I click to read an email, only the top of the email is viewable. Try to scroll down to read, but can’t.

I think our posts here just crossed each other ^ many webmail clients work badly in mobile browsers, but there are plenty of apps to access mail stored on an IMAP server without using the ISP’s web client.

I am not tech at all. What is IMAP. Can someone give me a step by step guide what to try.

You can add any e-mail address to the ‘GMail’ app using this manual: https://support.dominionlending.ca/hc/en-us/articles/115008212348-Gmail-Setup-for-Android-IMAP-

You need to enter the names of the IMAP and SMTP server there. Please ask Greenisp for those, as I cannot find them on the web.

Don’t know if they provide IMAP but for sure they provide POP3.
Looking through their website it seemed like they might provide more information to logged in users though.
IMAP basically is a protocol that allows you to have your mails in an external mail client and all actions (set read, delete etc.) are mirrored back the server. POP3 on the other hand only allows you to pick up the mails from the server. For sending always SMTP is used. Modern mail clients both for computers and for mobiles support both but IMAP is the preferred one.


The server address shown in that screenshot is not valid anymore.


If there are any other Greenisp.co.uk users reading, do you have this same problem ?

One other problem (which continuosly reoccurs for me) is the sound when turning on the speaker. As the Volume is too low. Last time I went into settings. Then into Maintenance. To-Checkup (Hardware diagnostics). It allowed me to turn up sound. But seemingly on it’s own it reverts back to barely audiable after a couple of days. Today I tested (just a minute ago) the voice input. And that weired high pitch rebounding echo happened.

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