I can't open pdf-files

Every time I try to open a pdf-file or a word-file, my period calender opens up and says “can’t read the file” /or something like that. Why doesn’t the file open in the installed adobe reader app? I’ve tried going to “downloads” to see if there is an “open with…”-option, but I can’t seem to find it?

Help please,

I think you have linked the office documents (word or pdf) to the wrong app:

Just go to Settings —> Apps ----> All Apps, select “period calendar”

Under the Category “always open with” you deselect “default setting”


Of cause you must install apps for this formats (PDF, DOCx), too. If you want to edit the DOC Files too, you have to choose an App with this functionality, this is my favorite one.


Thank you for your replies! I have the adobe reader app downloaded and it’s been working fine up till like a month ago. I don’t know if something changd with the new software update…

Timbuktu, I can’t find the category “always open with”, I see “launch by default” and it says “no defaults set.” And I can’t make any changes…

For these people who wount / cant pay for the suggested TextMaker Mobile Office:
The WPS Office has the same functions and is free. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.wps.moffice_eng.

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Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the adobe reader app?

Hi @MariaAspman,

I would recommend you to use APV PDF Viewer from F-Droid. It’s light and works absolutely fine.

You can find it also in Google Play and the best thing for me is that it is open source :smile:


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Well I used APV since the first time I needed to display a PDF file, but I suffer some problems while rendering some files…sometimes all the page becomes blank (during scrolling or zooming) and I have to rotate the phone to redisplay it :-S it’s very strange…
Now I’m trying Document Viewer from F-Droid (it’s based on EBookDroid) and it seems very nice even if it’s a bit heavier than APV (but reads more file types :slight_smile: ).

To me, MuPDF (also on F-Droid) is the one everyone else is taking the open source code from. I use it daily for really many complex pdfs without trouble…
Other than that, you also have Kingsoft Office (free, but only on GApps IIRC) that’ll open most pdfs efficiently.


Thanks, I’ll give MuPDF a try :slight_smile:
Little OT: what I miss is an “Office” suite on F-Droid just to read LibreOffice and M$ documents, any suggestion? (BTW: I don’t have GApps installed)
Thanks, bye :slight_smile:

AndrOpenOffice (fork of Apache Open Office) is at least partly open source - but not 100% which is why it can’t be found on f-droid.
There are rumours that LibreOffice for android is to be launched next year.


The new version of Kingsoft Office is running under the name “WPS Office” http://www.wps.com/android/.
You can get it on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.wps.moffice_eng but also directly on http://www.wps.com/downloads/android/kingsoft_office_android.apk .

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Thank you for your suggestions, but no matter which pdf-program I download everything still opens up in my period calender-app. And I can’t seem to change any settings that would change that…

Any other ideas?

system parameters
locate period-cal app, click on it
swipe to see low part of its panel, locate "launch by default"
click on “forget the default action”

The actual words may differ slightly as my system is in french and I just translate

@MariaAspman Perhaps it is easier for you to install this app: Default App Manager

You can choose your default app per cathegory (and dectivate…)

@Herve5: I think @timbuktu also explained this and it was not working.

@MariaAspman: Do have tryed to uninstall your period calender-app (do not forget to copy your Data first)? What happens after you did this? Will PDF-Files opened with the correct App? What will happen if you install it again? Or another period calender?


thanks very helpful and sorted my download issues,