I can't find the gallery after removing Google Photos

Dear colleagues,
I feel stupide I can’t find any icône “galery”, which means the access to my photos is quite complicated. I had removed the “Google photos” application. Is there no way without that One?
In advance I thank you for your help

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Google Photos is the stock gallery App in Fairphone OS. If you removed it, there’s no other gallery App.
So install one … Simple Gallery Pro (F-Droid / Play Store) for example works fine and is pretty popular among users who uninstall stock gallery Apps :wink: .

(I took the liberty to append the topic title to make the problem at hand more clear.)


Make sure that you backup your photo’s.

AFAIK you can use the „Files“ app for browsing your photos, too. But an alternative gallery only app might offer some more comfort features with images.

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Same problem with galerie de photos. Something strange: when I use what’s app and choose to send a photo, I access galerie with all my photos. Very funny but not practical…

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