I can't enable data - no 3G!

I received my FP2 a couple of days ago - yay! But I have never been able to enable mobile data - all I can get is WIFI. I can’t even find data enabling settings - please help!!

Have you inserted one or two SIM cards?

I only have one.

Did you check your internet settings on the phone.
Go to 'Settings’
go to ‘More’ (just under 'Data usage)
go to 'Mobile Networks’
Does it show your providername there?
If so, go to ‘Access point names’ (APN)
Does it show a name there?
If not, your internetsettings have to be entered.

Can you tell me who your provider is?
Perhaps then I can tell you what the APN settings of your provider are.

Yes I have checked this and it does show the provider name under APN - Vodafone UK - wap.vodafone.co.uk. My provder is TalkTalk but they use the Vodafone network as far as I know.
I’ve tried switching the phone off and on again, and turning data on and off again, but no joy.
Thanks for your help.

Does your SIM happen to be new too? Maybe you have to send an activation message to your provider?

No, old SIM and it was working fine on previous phone.

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Could you please check your settings as displayed on this link?
If all the settings in the APN are right, it could be that your SIM card is to old.


Ah, that link was perfect - I think I have it working now! The Vodafone settings were all wrong, have changed everything and now have a ‘H’ in my data signal :smile:


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