I cannot see a link to change my password

I have been notified by Password keeper this password is compromised.

I have not used it for years - because when I could not get my microphone fixed by my Fairphone supplier I threw the ting in a corner and have now lost it.

Nonetheless I want to change my password in case the compromise is causing spam emails of which I am receiving too many.

So I have visited here for the first time in years and cannot work it out - maybe a kind person will give me a simple link - meanwhile - I see the discussion I satrted about failed microphones had lots of comments before folk got weary and eventually the thread was abandoned.

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This should directly show you how to change your password:



Just questioning that link, it seems to go to list of posts by the OP??

So is this the password for the forum, i.e/ the OP is getting spam from ‘here’

Yes, for everyone other than Andrew. Naturally, his private security settings won’t show to us.


Thanks for the prompt help - password changed - I do not know where the Spam originates from - I doubt it is here - I have also now changed my password on the main Fairphone website - maybe one day I will even get round to having that microphone fixed - if I do not peg out first!

I do not need to continue this thread now - I only started it because - possibly due to my neurological disability - I could not see how to change the password an a forum which is now unfamiliar to me.


Regarding the microphone issue, have a look at


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