I cannot mute language tags

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@Roboe Does this not work for you? (Preferences > Notifications > Tags)


It works for me here too:

Just two things:

  1. If you watch e.g. a category I believe that trumps muted tags.
  2. If the OP doesn’t add the tag themselves while posting than at least everybody who opens the topic before the tag is added (maybe everybody) has to mute the topic manually (manually muting a topic trumps watching categories or tags).

Yes, @Stefan, they add correctly there (I actually clicked a lang tag in a thread an mute it through its own page). But they doesn’t seem to work fine after that. Threads tagged with that tag keep popping in my New page. I don’t have any category marked as “watched”, IIRC.

It may have to be with point 2 of @paulakreuzer, though. Maybe new threads are added to my New page because they are not tagged from the beggining? And after being tagged, they are not removed from there. (For clarification, I didn’t opened any such topic before being tagged. First time I saw them they were already tagged)

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