I broke my fairphone display. Don't know if I should repair it myself or not

Hi. My Fairphone 3 has probably been squashed by a car, but i haven’t seen the scene, so I am not sure about it. What I know is that the glass screen is very damaged and the liquid crystals don’t work almost at all. When i turn it on, I can glimpse some information on the screen (like notifications), but it is impossible to see anything well. My doubt now is, should i buy a display spare part on the online shop and repair it myself, or is there a big probability that other abilities of the phone are not working anymore?
I thank a lot everybody who will spend a bit of his time trying to help me with an advice on this matter :wink:

Hi Pietro and welcome to the forum.

It would make sense to try a new screen a) due to cost and b) it’s a good exercise especially if it works :slight_smile:

That you can see something is working is a good sign. Can you get any sound and can you tell if it is charging?

Have you tried to see if there is a #fairphoneangel near you that could help?


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