Hypersensitive Touchscreen


sometimes the screen is like hypersensitive. double or tripples Numbers. Very annoying when you try to enter your PIN.

Any idea what I can do?

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Does it only happen while connected to a power supply?
While lying on a table or rather while you’re holding the FP4 in your hand?
Did you try to unassemble the screen, clean the contacts and reseat it?
Maybe there’s a fairphoneangel near you who might be able to provide a replacement screen for testing?


I experienced this on my FP4 a few days ago, and then it returned to normal. No idea what to think.

I notice, that the screen is supersensitive to what’s happening behind the phone: if I hold it in a hand, that’s one story. If it’s on a table, with different tables it behaves differently (typically, not reacting at all, if there are problems). If the is electrizable cloth behind it, the screen does not react.

And sometimes, I think that the performance is also related to my physiological state: e.g., the performance of the screen when I did not sleep enough is different from the usual one. I’m really not sure whether it’s a psychological effect or the electrostatics of my body really changes depending on my state.

In short, the FP4 screen does not always behave comfortably. But most of the time, it performs OK for me.

Nearly spooky! Thanks for relating. :heartbeat:

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I can’t say, but will find out. Momentarily it is fine in all kinds (on power supply and in not, on a table and holding it).
Do you think I should unassamle the screen now or when it happens again?
I will have a look for a fairphoneangel.
Thanks for all the advices!

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Actually I’d do it when it happens again.

Thanks Volker. Sadly no Fairphoneangel in Frankfurt. But I will do it my self. Thats why i bought a fairphone in the first place :muscle:

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