Humanitarian Apps

Yesterday my brother showed me Mapswipe.

With this app you can help the Red Cross and Medicin Sans Frontiers to make their maps better so they can help people in remote areas better.

The app presents you satellite images and you get a task to look for roads or buildings. This way you help them to have a better idea where people live and how they can best put their resources to work in case of a crisis or to fight diseases like malaria.

I found the app very intriguing and it seems like a very good app to carry around on a Fairphone.
But it made me wonder; are there more apps like this?

Please let me know if you know of more apps that aim to make the world better in such a nice way.



I guess you wanna exclude apps like Tor Browser even though they could work around local restrictions. I guess you don’t mean something like Google Maps either even though they have a reward system and rely on volunteers to improve the data. And I guess you also don’t refer to cell broadcast alarm systems such as NL Alert or things like Offline Survival Manual. (Irony is, I bet I’d forget to use it in the case of an emergency.)

I found this by just searching around on DDG:

Maybe it contains something you enjoy. I don’t use these apps, so I can’t comment on them. Maybe someone else uses any of these apps.


It may not be as humanitarian, but otherwise quite similar and you are also helping a good cause with: StreetComplete


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