HTC charger not working

Hi - my Fairphone isn’t charging. I’m using an old HTC adapter that I’m pretty sure is the right spec.Anyone else had issues with this type - perhaps I need to buy a new one? Thanks

Hi ampotts,

I’ve been using a HTC USB adpater since I have my FP and I haven’t had any problem so far. Maybe you can try to use it with another device due to most of devices nowadays are using micro USB adapter and see if you really need to buy another one.

I hope you can fix it soon :slight_smile:

Same here. I’ve been using the adapter that came with my HTC Sensation and the one that came with my gf’s Galaxy S4 Mini and both work fine.

Are you using a case perhaps? If so, try taking your phone out of the case before connecting the charger. It might be that the case prevents the plug from connecting properly.

Thanks. Discovered it charges when the USB is connected to my laptop. So it must be the plug that’s got a problem. At least I know it’s not the phone and have a workaround!!

Yeah, those HTC chargers fail quite often… I’ve got four here, and a couple of them only work with certain USB cables. Luckily, they’re cheap and easy to replace.