How will you get Jolla Sailfish onto the Fairphone 2?

I’m not clear how this works. Will you be able to select Jolla Sailfish as an option on purchase? Or will you download Sailfish from the web and install over a usb cable? Will there be an app?

Thank you!



the second option. but it’s too early to say

I am very confused about it all as well. I really want the fairphone 2, but I want to be able to have full access over everything - so either I’d like to root it without losing warranty, or use Jolla Sailfish. Everything that I’ve read over it seems to be perfect for me and as far as I understand, I will have pretty much full control over everything with it, right?
Do any of you know if we will lose warranty by installing it onto our phone?
I also thought there would be phones available for purchase with the OS already installed. That’s why I haven’t bought one already, even though I really want it. Do you know how long it’ll still be available?

There is so little information available about everything that I need to know to decide, which makes me really nervous. Hope some of you guys can help to clear this up a bit for me!

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I’m pretty sure you will be able to root it without losing warranty. I don’t remember any sources though. Does anyone else have difinite information?

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The production would be continuous from now on, so you wouldn’t need to hurry :slight_smile:

If you really have specific questions, it is always possible to contact FP staff directly to ask your question. On the other hand, many people here on the forum have read all there is to read about the project, so they can also give much information that’s not very easy to find elsewhere!


Thank you to both of you!

I hope this is true, does anyone know anything more about it? I thought I read a long time ago that this wouldn’t be possible and that rooting would make me lose all warranty, which is something I don’t want to happen for a phone I plan on having for at least 3 years.

Thanks, this is very important to me, because my anxiety comes all from not having pre-ordered yet because of too little information available for me to decide, and knowing that I am in no hurry feels absolutely awesome! :wink:


Yeah, I think I’m going to have to hold off buying until I can be sure. Thank you for your answers everyone! :heart:

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After everything I heard, you will not loose your warranty by installing root or Jolla Sailfish OS. However, I think Jolla Sailfish will be community supported, to officially developed by Fairphone.

To get support, your will probably need to have the official Fairphone OS installed. For example: If you install Jolla and then you notice the camera does not work as expected your will probably need to reinstall Fairphone OS so they can assess if it is a software problem.


Will Jolla Sailfish be available for Fairphone 1?

Not in a foreseeable future. The only thing we can hope for at this point is an official version of @chrmhoffmann’s Android Kitkat for Fairphone 1.

A Sailfish OS port for FP2, however, is very likely.

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I feel like, based on what I’ve heard, the port will be a customised version of Sailfish the way Fairphone OS is a customised version of Android. i.e., it won’t look the same as regular Sailfish does on a Jolla device.

What’ll we call it, I wonder. Fairfish? Sailfair?

Hmm, my wild guess is that IF there will be a official Version of Sailfish, it will be pretty much standard.

I like Sailfair more then Fairfish, btw.

The porting it’s continuing …


Why not Sailphone, Fairsail or Istiophorus iustus?

I’m not sure how you got that idea.

It’s a usual community device port at this stage, identical to what you can install on a Nexus 5.

Fair enough. Just got the impression from the fact that the Fairphone team is apparently working on the porting and from what I’ve heard about the customised version of Android that Fairphone supports, with stuff like the app security warnings.

Update from the wiki: now the wlan seems working, it’s just missing the camera for a complete - ready for official support version! I can’t wait!!!


Just wondering,

did anyone already root the FP2 or install a different operating system on it? Are there any guides on how this can be done? I am not quite happy with having to use a google account.



Same here!!!

The First FP2 was delivered yesterday, so I don’t think anybody installed an alternative OS yet.

But there will be an official OS without Google Apps. At least that’s how I understood it at the webinar.

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