How/where to buy quickly an FP2 spare battery?

Hi FairPhone community! After three days of investigation, I confirmed today that the battery of my FP2 is malfunctioning. I need a new one before I start my business trip on Tuesday so ordering from is no option. Does anyone know if there is any shop somewhere in Holland where I could find an FP2 battery on stock?

Don’t know about stores that carry them, but maybe give Fairphone a phone call to ask if they can ship it on time.

Thanks rmf. I did call them on Thursday morning and they were able to ship a new battery so quickly that I got it on Saturday afternoon. Really great service!
Unfortunately, that did not solve the problem because my phone won’t charge any battery and will not start unless pad 3 of the battery (the one close to the ‘-’) is blocked with insulating tape. I wonder if the problem is in the “bottom module” or in the core of the FairPhone…

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