How well does Galileo location service work on the FP3 compared to GPS?


According to this site: the FP3 is enabled for Galileo.

I am still using my FP2, but will probably switch to FP3 and I was wondering how well Galileo works on the FP3.

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I’ve used SatStat to monitor location fixes and Galileo satellites haven’t showed up in the plots.

@Roel_van_der_Vegte Galileo seems to work well on my FP3 already :smiley:
As you can see in the GPStest (F-Droid) screenshot three Galileo satellites have been used for the location fix.
“On the status screen, if the Galileo satellite has a ‘U’ next to it, that satellite is being used by your device to calculate your position at that very moment.” link



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