How we designed the Fairphone Fairbuds XL (Behind the design video)

Hi all,

I’m part of Studio Dott, product design team behind the Fairbuds XL. We are super proud about our collaboration with Fairphone and Honsenn delivering the Fairbuds XL. To celebrate this, we released this video giving deeper insight in how the Fairbuds XL’s design came to life. We recently learned about this forum through Fairphone, and we thought you all might be interested in a peek behind this process :wink:

Have fun watching!

Ps. for those that want to read even more, feel free to check out our webpage about the Fairbuds XL
Pss. Our team is eager to know what your favourite design feature is, let us know :slight_smile:


Thank you for the insight and for saying hello here in the first place :+1:

I was able to test the Fairbuds XL for a couple of weeks and I think one of the best design features is the joystick button. Allows to find your “control center” with ease with your fingers without a long (haptic) search. The overall versatility when it comes to connection options (analog, digital, bluetooth) is another plus.

Having said that, others will probably bring up reports of recent headband fragility. I for my part did not experience this, and only Fairphone might be able to gauge how widespread this really is.


Thanks for sharing! It’s certainly interesting to see a bit of the story behind the product(s) and it also helps to understand the limitations people might be complaining about now. :wink:

The only possible hardware issue I can think of right now is this headband situation. But reports are still very few in total, so those people might simply have been unlucky. I’m using mine daily and inspect them for damage in this area from time to time. So far I can’t report any problems! :crossed_fingers:

The issues that I still see are pretty much all minor software issues and will hopefully be sorted out in time. :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to know which reference model was the basis for the development. I’m not sure if you or anyone else is at liberty to share this detail. Checking the Honsenn website, I fail to identify an obvious “ancestor”.


Hi there urs_lesse, our pleasure, we don’t get to put our stories out there that often. So we are happy that Fairphone allowed us to do so. For this design we firmly believe in tactile feedback, even though the joystick is not available for spare parts on the website, it should be easier to repair if broken compared to gesture based control hardware. Also who doesn’t love a good tactile button :wink:

I’m looking into the thread as I’m typing this, I’m personally not aware of how widespread the headband fragility problem is.


Exactly what we are trying to display here, it’s always about finding a balance between multiple specs. It’s about finding the right solution for the intended usecase :slight_smile:

We won’t disclose the ancestor, it is fun to have a look on their website which it was indeed :wink:


Starting the “ancestor” game. :slight_smile:

To me it could be this model, with obvious design changes:


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