How to you switch between SIMs?

Both SIMs can only be 3G or 4 G but the guide says one has to be 2 G.

Also how do you switch between SIMs?Do they function independently, eg you can have one SIM with a What’s app function and the second SIM with another WHats app acct?
Is it something to do with the User set ups? I am having a v. Confused hour?

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If you meant 4G: You have to set both SIM cards to 2G before setting one to 4G. This can be set in “Settings” → “More” → “Mobile networks”.

The SIM card for data and outgoing calls/SMS can be chosen via “Settings” → “SIM cards” for each of the three categories.

Incoming calls/SMS will always appear regardless of the SIM card (if you don’t disable one/both).

No, because you can only have one number inside your WhatsApp. It’s a limitation of WhatsApp.

And WhatsApp is working completely independent of the SIM card. You can even use WhatsApp without any SIM cards inserted, use a number from a different phone or a landline number.

The account setup works as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Enter the phone number
  3. Receive the confirmation code on that number you entered
  4. Enter it in WhatsApp
  5. Voilà – you have registered WhatsApp with that number

No, the phone user accounts are working independently from the SIM card.


Thank you so much. That has made it clearer. I was going round on circles before but think I’ve got it now. Really helpful.


And I never knew you could register for WhatsApp with a landline number. Every day is a school day.


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