How to verify that the modem update worked?

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I just flashed the current modem.zip (19.02.01) file and i wonder how to verify that it worked?
When i go to the section “about phone” the baseband version is the same as it was before the update (4437.1-FP2-0-08). The wiki post doesnt say anything about the baseband version or an possibility to verify/control the udpate. Or isnt it possible/necessary?
If this baseband version is “correct” i would modify the wiki post.
I use LOS 15.1 (09.03.2019) and the current TWRP (


I think fastboot

get’s you a blue LED now
oh and: it’s now possible to boot while charging!


Thanks, thats the case.
But i’m not able to edit the wiki post :see_no_evil:
When i click “Edit” nothing happens.


I tried and was able to change the baseband version.


Yes. Thats announced in the changelog.

Thanks :slight_smile: