How to use the sd-card as storage for the camera-app (android 10 on /e/)?

Do you happen to know how to use the sd-card as storage for the camera-app (android 10 on /e/)?

Yes, even for the /e/ default app it should be: Camera Settings --> More Camera Controls --> Save Location

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Yes, I know where to put it. But whatever I put there it will make a map on /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/
I can’t find a way to get it on my sd-card.

Below that mentioned setting is a setting you can toggle. “Use Storage Access Framework”. If enabling this doesn’t help I’m out of ideas for tonight. Buenas noches.


You’re my hero. That’s it. I enabled ‘Use Storage Access Framework’ and then I was able to change the setting at ‘Save location’.

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While everyone’s free to do what s/he prefers, I have come to think of saving photos directly to the SD as only the second-best option.

We know an SD card can never match the responsivity of the built-in internal storage, so saving them straight to the SD card might cause unwanted delays when shooting pictures (or am I missing something here? Temporary storage before?). That’s why I have gone to recommend to users to let the camera keep saving to the internal storage first and only move larger batches of photos manually (i.e. via file manager) to the SD every now and then.


If you have the nextcloud client installed (maybe the /e/ drive does the same…), it scans your storage for image folders and offers automatic upload to your private nextcloud host. You’re able to set “wifi upload only” to save mobile data.


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