How to upgrade versions with Fairphone Open OS and Google Play?

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I recently upgraded to Fairphone Open OS 17.10.2 from an old Android 5.1 OS. I enabled root access and added OpenGAPPS. I’ve just tried to upgrade to the new “Fairphone Open 17.11.2” (using the integrated updater) but now, google play can’t run and therefore other Google Apps either…

I thought that upgrading to newer version of Open OS didnt touch apps? Have I misundertood? Is there a way to upgrade and keep Gapps? Or should i reinstall Gapps always afterward?

Thanks for your help!

hopeffuly, i did a TWRP backup just before upgrading… So now I’m back to previous settings but i still would like to upgrade sometime to newer versions…

This should help:


The updater never worked for me (FP Open OS and Open GApps pico) - I used to download the update and pico to SD card, boot into TWRP and install both update and Open GApps from there.

Thanks for the answers! How come i didnt find that great article before with the search function?!
@Johannes : Thanks again and here is a suggestion: would “master article” be useful on that forum? Something that lists many things we need to know of, for instance “FPOOS” with links to specific topics. That would work quite like a program/summary (as a wiki) of known actions and solutions. It could be pinned so newbies find it directly. I’ve already seen that on some forum and i find it of great help. What do you think als Community Moderator?
I feel I’ve spent hours trying to understand bits and pieces of information of tons of articles but i never really know the last stand of the right thing to do and i finally need to write another article to ask for help…

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A list of the most commonly referred to articles can basically be found here: #staff* and all wikis can be found here: #wiki.
We had something like that “master article” but dropped it in favor of the #wiki tag, as it’s less work to just tag a new topic instead of editing a collector-post every time a now wiki is created.

*The #staff tag is actually a super-tag for a group of unique tags - tags that can only be used by staff to create quick links to special articles. E.g. if someone has trouble updating they can quickly be referred to the #updateguide’s.

Thanks for this explanation, @paulakreuzer, this wasn’t obvious to me. Maybe I shozld hang around a bit mor at this forum. :wink:

Do you think it would make sense to combine this with @oekoniko’s suggesrion?
The idea would be to create a master article explaining & linking the different tags. Since the tags are rather static, the effort should remain reasonable.

I’ll update the troubleshooting guide later today with links to the uniqe tags.


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