How to update to Fairphone OS 17.10.2 via TWRP

Just got the message that 17.10.2. is available.

I used the updater and the updater downloaded the software.
i pressed start and systemupdate.
After boot the TWRP screen appeared.
How to proceed now?
Touch install on the TWRP screen?

Thanks in anticipation for a short info.

Same as I in this post?

What works for me is the manual install

Thanks for quick info. I fear that i have to manually install but as fas as I see there is only a zip-file for OS 17.10.1 and not 17.10.2.
Do I have to manually install 17.10.1. overwriting TWRP and then install 17.10.2. via build-in updater?
In this case the updater could work again as TWRP is overwritten.

Just to make sure, there are 2 things here not to be confused …

The files should get updated to version 17.10.2 somewhen soon.
If your OS still works, perhaps just wait for them and install then.

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Many thanks. This was exactly the clarification I needed. Just found 17.10.2.

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