How to undo 'hide shortcut'? (in app drawer)

Hi there,

I accidentally swiped on ‘hide shortcut’ for one of my apps (edit: in the app drawer) and now - the shortcut is gone. I can’t swipe it back to ‘show shortcut’, as the app icon is gone. I can now acces it by going to my apps and clicking on it there, but there is no way to get the shortcut back. So now I always have to go to ‘Settings’, ‘Apps and Notifications’, choose the app and click ‘Open’. Which is a big detour :slight_smile: So I’d like to get my shortcut back. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and then re-installing it. Didn’t work. There must be a simple fix, but I just don’t know it!


Edit - So this means that the app has also disappeared from the app drawer

What if you click the app in the app drawer, hold it and move it a little bit? Then you should be able to move a new short cut to the home screen.


Android 101: how to organize your home screen - The Verge

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Hey Incanus, no because there is no app to be seen in the app drawer. It’s here that it has disappeared from…

Teezeh, sadly the app drawer doesn’t show the app either. I have to either go to Settings > Apps to find it, or to Play Store and open it from there.

Do you use the standard launcher? Which software version is installed?
I can’t find the possibility to ‘swipe on ‘hide shortcut’’ on the Android phones I have access to.


!! Incanus, thank you. I didn’t think to look there. Yes I’m using Lawnchair (mainly to get rid of that search bar). So I looked into Lawnchair and found where to change the hidden apps back. Thank you!


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