How to uncheck "unknown sources" for F-Droid

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I know no other way, but when @haffenloher told me about that option he said:

So I guess there are. :wink:


##How to uncheck “unknown sources” for F-Droid

The other possibility is to let F-Droid install packages using root access (can be found in the F-Droid settings).

First, uninstall F-Droid and make sure you have an F-Droid APK available somewhere, let’s assume it’s at /sdcard/fdroid.apk:

mount -o remount,rw /system
cp /sdcard/fdroid.apk /system/app/
chmod 644 /system/app/fdroid.apk

When you’re done, reboot your phone.

You can enter the above commands using an ADB shell or some terminal emulator application directly on your phone.


Shouldn’t you remount it read-only again at the end?

Edit: Never mind, the reboot takes care of that already.

Exactly =)

…oh, my post has to contain 20 chars, so here’s the read-only remount: mount -o remount,ro /system


Thank you! F-Droid (actually the app, you want to install) at installation doesn’t ask for permissions anymore though…

Using which configuration?
I’ve got F-Droid installed as a system application, “unknown sources” disabled and checked none of the two “Install using blablabla” options in F-Droid. It seems to install packages through the normal android package installer, so I still see the permission confirmation dialogue.

I have checked “install using root privileges” and granted them forever, when F-Droid asked me. Now, I don’t see this permission confirmation dialogue anymore.

PS: I unchecked “unknown sources”.

OK, so perhaps F-Droid’s own “Show permissions” option is an alternative for you?

(Perhaps this whole discussion should be split out / moved to a different thread)


Have this activated now. The little list in the app overview must suffice, I guess…

Well, you could still go through the procedure I described earlier to install it as a system app.

So that should be working the ADB as well or not?

Pardon? You can use the ADB shell for that, yes. I’m not sure I understood your question, sorry

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With Link2sd you can easily too change user-apps to system-apps.
This is one of a lot features from this app.

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That was my question, yes :slight_smile: thanks.