How to turn on NFC on the FP3+ ? :(


I’m trying to use NFC on my FP3+ (Android 10), but even if I turn it on it’s not reacting when I try to read something (using “NFC Tools” or “NFC Reader & Writer” on the Google Play).
Is there something specific I’m forgetting ?

Thanks a lot !

Have you held the correct area of your FP3+ against the device that sends the signal? There is an NFC symbol on the back of the FP3+, to the left of the battery area, in the lower half/third of the phone.


Yeah, I tried putting it on this specific area during several seconds. That’s why I think it’s either a software or harware problem (not hardware I hope ^^’).

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I guess you already restarted the FP3+ once since switching the NFC setting on?

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