How to turn off notification sounds for specific apps?

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I’ve recently upgraded from a FP2 to a FP3, and I can’t seem to find how to turn off notification sound from specific apps (namely, discord) while keeping the notification itself. I receive so many that I don’t want my phone to beep every time, but I’d still like to see the notifications appear on my screen. That’s how I set it on my FP but even though I feel like I’ve thoroughly checked every possible setting, I can’t seem to find how to do that on my FP3.
If anyone has an idea on the subject, it would be very helpful!

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Settings > Apps & Notifications (> Show all) > Discord > Notifications

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Thank you but that’s not it. When I go there it completely disables the notification, not just its sound.

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If you do a long tap on the notification, you normally can choose to make it silent.

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Update: I’m not sure what happened overnight but it’s now working! I’ve got the notification and no sound.
Thank you for both your inputs!

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