How to turn off 3G?

I want to be able to turn off 3G, so I only use internet when there’s wifi. How do I do that? I found the plane-setting, but doesn’t this also disable wifi?

Help appreciated!

Do you want to deactivate your SIM completely? You could do this by Settings–>Sim, but planemode does the same job.
And yes, planemode also disables wifi, but you can manually enable wifi again without leaving the planemode.

If you mean something else, let us know (because “turn off 3G” could also mean “only use 2G or 4G”)…

Thanks. What I want is to not use MBs off my phone subscription if I can get them for free via wifi.
When I completely turn off the SIM, I suppose I cannot call or be called?
I come from an iPhone, where I could just ‘uncheck’ 3G and be left with the possibility for wifi and be able to make calls.

For this: the normal behaviour should be that (at least Android 4.2@FP1) automatically disables the mobile-data-traffic and only uses wifi, if it is connected and recognizes an internet connection.
I think there should be nothing set up especially…
Did you try this?

it’s in settings>data usage> mobile data :slight_smile:

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Yes, that works.
Except, when there is no wifi, I have been tempted a couple of times already to go on internet - not being aware that I was using the paid-3G subscription.
And, except, when there is no wifi, I do not want my phone to use 3G when I am not using it. (e.g. to prevent apps from communicating whatever in the background)…

Thanks for thinking along!

Hi Jori,
Yep, thanks, that seems to do the trick (although I have no wifi around, right now, to see if that is working with “mobile data” turned off…)