How to transfer photos from phone to laptop?

Ok, so I’m not a tech person, has never owned a smartphone before this one and generally don’t know or care very much about how things work, so please bear with me and this probably incredibly simple question and keep this in mind when answering (e.g. keep the answer equally simple!!).

I have taken a bunch of photos with my Fairphone. They are all in the camera gallery, not in any other folders. When I plug the phone into my laptop to transfer them, all I can access from the laptop is the internal memory with all its folders. This means I can’t access the photos which are in the gallery. So my question is two-fold: how do I get the photos from the gallery to the file manager (i.e. the internal memory) OR/AND how do I access the gallery when the phone is plugged into the laptop?

I’ll be eternally grateful to whoever is able to help me!

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Hi @gummisen,

Don’t you worry, he’ll help you ;). First of all, Gallery is only the app which organizes all you photos and media. Independently of the app, your photos should be kept in a folder called Camera inside Pictures.

On the other hand, if you only can access to your microSD card, you will need to transfer your photos from the internal storage to your microSD. For that, you have to hold on the folder when you are in file manager and press copy. Once done this, you only have to paste it into your microSD.

I hope you can find it soon.


Have you checked inside the DCIM/Camera folder in Internal Storage?


Thanks, yep, they were in the DCIM/Camera folder.

Glad you sorted this.

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