How to transfer info from old phone to Fairphone

I´m about to buy a new phone and want that phone to be a Fairphone. My only remaining concern is how to transfer all the data and apps etc from my old phone onto the Fairphone. How difficult is it and how do I go about it=

It depends on your old Phone’s system.

I did the switch from android to android with titanium backup. No problems.

I syncronized the apps with my google account.

The only things I lost was the phone history and texts.

I use the same SD-card, so I had no need to backup the pictures and music on it.

I recently made the move from iPhone to Fairphone. With a little preparation it has worked fine so far. What I did was:

  • uploaded music to Googe Play Music (it’s free) and then downloaded what I wanted using the Google Play Music app;
  • synced my contacts across to my Google account;
  • exported my podcast subscirptions as an OPML file, and imported them with PocketCasts;
  • made sure my photos were uploaded to Dropbox.

I’m happy using Google apps, but if you’re not then I’m sure the above could all be done using your computer (but I suspect it would take longer). Hope that helps. There are a lot of tech savvy people on these forums who can give you good advice.

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