How to tell which FP2 camera module is in phone

Could someone explain in simple language how I can tell if I have the old or new camera module in my FP2?

I’ve searched through the forums and it looks like the cut off was mid-August 2018 for old, mid-Sept for new - but I ordered mid-August, it shipped late August and I got it in September.

I’m assuming it’s old, but I’d like to be 100% certain before ordering a new one, obviously.

Look at the back of your phone. If there is a white stripe through the camera module, between the camera and the flash then it’s the new one:

Also in Settings > About phone you should be able to see which modules you have. At least if you are using an official OS by Fairphone.


Fantastic, thank you.
Seems I have the new one after all, I guess I have to blame my own lack of skills for the disappointing pictures!


Maybe if you post some example pictures people could give you some tips.

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