How to take a picture in 0.8um, 8000x6000 (48MP)?


On FP3+ link

at cameras specifications:
Rear camera: 0.8um, 8000x6000 (48MP)

How to take a picture with that resolution?

Thank You

Here, four pixels are combined to form one large superpixel that captures four times more light while being friendly to your phone’s storage (equalling 12-megapixel photos).

Re: you other post. It isn’t possible. It’s a Samsung bayer and the processing of the 48MPs to 12Mpx is done on the chip with it’s own algorithms so the out put is only ever 12MPx

I’m sorry, the other post got closed before i ask about this. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

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That’s no problem at all and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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But that was the main question in your other thread too :confused:.

I think the first post was more ‘did I get the wrong phone’ as ’ it only has 12Mpx’

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May be for you, you see it the same, because you know about the subject and have more experience than I do.

My first post was “FP3+ rear camera is 12MP not 48MP”.

This post “How to take a picture in 0.8um, 8000x6000 (48MP)?”, because when i checked the FP3+ website link, I did not know that all are the same, Now I do :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, Thank You all for your time and kind response.

Bless you all.

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