How to switch off annoying advertising in ES File Explorer?

I like to use the file explorer app “ES Datei Explorer”. and if I could, I would pay to get shot of this very annoying advertising, which is connected to the app use. But there is no add free version of that app, unfortunately. So I am looking for another way. Does sombody know a capable anti advertising app which is configurable and could save me from that danger? The “Adblock Plus” app,I haveused, but doesn’t do it. May be, I have to find a better filter?

Apart from liking it, what is your use case for ES File Explorer? What does it do that other (ad-free) file explorers can’t do for you?

Does Adclear block ads for this app?

Thank you @AnotherElk for asking!
i.e. I have difficulties to use “amaze” because I don’t understand the way, it shows and works with the folder structure. The ES explorer shows all kinds of files with adequate icons and in most cases it even can edit a lot of different types of files. I don’t know any other capable file explorer like this for android. You do?

I don’t know what types of files you need to edit, but

do different icons for the files and have built-in text editors.
I have Ghost Commander because it gives me easy access to my Windows network shares (something ES File Explorer does, too, that’s why I asked).
I have Total Commander because there’s an Add-on for it able to access NTFS and exFAT file systems via USB OTG.

I just have tried this app again and for meit is still not so clearly arranged as the ES explorer. On the other side: On my desktop computer I am using this tool since 16 years with a personal license. The ads at the Android Total Commander are only for additional TC tools, not for any other stuff.

On the Ghost Commander I will have a look again.

With the ABP Adblock Plus I just have chosen another Filter “AR+Liste FR+List” and it seems to the explorer ad free at tne moment.

And thank you a lot for your contribution @AnotherElk! It’s helpful!

You may try FileManager+
For me it’s a decent alternative to ES and without ads.


there is an ad-free “Pro” version of ES File Explorer available for € 3,09 in the google play store.

I used it for quite some time, but switched to fx File Explorer due to its (IMHO) superior UI.


Thanks! I will have a look at it! With the payed ES version I would have the problem, that I don’t have installed Google Play Store and with Yalp I can’t get apps I have to pay for. So it would be better, to do a donation than to buy at Google (and pay 30% to Google therefor). Another “+” for the FX explorer!

Yes you can! Just log in to the playstore by browser and buy whatever you like. You can later download it by Yalp store or raccoon or whatever. Just make sure the account you’re trying to download with is the same you bought the apps with.
This doesn’t work for in-app purchases, obviously.

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