How to switch from sound to vibration to silent mode?


On FP4 I can’t find how to switch from sound to vibrating mode to silent mode, like it usually possible to do on any Android phone. There is not the usual pictogram that would appear in the top bar menu… The only thing I could do is to set up a shortcut to switch on either silent or vibrating mode. And the shortcut doesn’t work both ways…

Am I missing something ? This is quite inconvenient.

Thanks a lot for your help :pray:



Welcome to the community :wave:

Press one of the volume buttons and then the :bell: icon on top of the volume slider, that should let you switch between the different modes.


That’s not usual to Android, but maybe to the phones UI you used before. I saw that at Samsung phones for example. Plain Android doesn’t have this icon.

Thanks a lot ! Works fine :slight_smile: