How to switch from flight mode to web radio alarm in the morning?

I have an updated FP2 with Open OS.
I would like to wake up in the morning listening to my favorite web radio.
At night I generally switch to flight mode in order to reduce radio wave emission.
I would like to be able to automatically get out of flight mode in the morning and start the web radio, any suggestion on how to do so?
I guess I would need two apps, one to get out of flight mode (maybe Llama?), and one normal radio alarm.

Any clever way to do this?
Any suggestion on these apps?

Hello, this topic has already been discussed here.
They came to the conclusion, that this is not possible. Sorry.

Maybe I forgot mentioning my phone is rooted so, if I read the post correctly, it should be possible. :slight_smile:

Yes with root enabled you’ll just have to find an App that adds this function. I believe Tasker is the only app mentioned there that definitely does the job.

Llama would probably work (at least on the older android version on the FP1 it would), but setting an alarm time could be annoying, as you’d need to change the rule each time you want a different time.

I’d set it up by using toggle wifi/airplane mode and android intent as actions. The intent would start a playlist in VLC, with the first being your internet radio station, the second a fallback song on the device itself as a fallback when the station is down.


@Johannes, your solution sounds interesting. Would Llama work with FP2
Open OS latest version?

Not sure, I personally only have an FP1. I was just musing about how I would set this up using Llama, as you mentioned it in the first post.

Timed Toggles works well with FPOpen.

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Wow, Time Toggles seems to be just what I need!
I have been trying Llama for the last few days and I think it is too complex for my needs. I like the idea, but I do not need anything so fancy.
Also, luckily and live so close to my workplace that Llama hardly differentiates between my home and my workplace and the neighborhood area.

Now I’m trying coupling Time Toggles with Tune In Radio (a very nice webradio manager that also allows setting alarms).
I will try it for tonight and tomorrow morning: auto - flight mode in the night until 7am via Time Toggles. A few minutes late I set my alarm webradio on Tune in.

I’ll let you know!

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Time Toggles and Tune in radio work just perfectly together.
Since two days my phone automatically goes on plane mode from midnight to 06:50 and then at 07:00 Tune In starts the radio to slowly wake me up. It is just the perfect combo!


I’m glad it worked for you!

Could you please share the link to the time toggles app? Thank you.

This is the play store id of the Timed Toggles App.

It is very simple and effective.

I downloaded the Timed Toggles, activated root and set Toggle Flight mode at 6:30. Nothing happens. Do I have to leave the app running or can I close it ?

Did you try compatibility mode (or something similar depending on the language)?
In settings you will find a compatibility mode option to use with android 5.0.

I had to choose it in order to make it work.

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