How to stream audio/video to a UPnP target?

I would like to connect my fairphone with my Raspberry Pi, which is running XBMC (or Kodi, as it was recently renamed). I understand that I can set up XBMC to work as an UPnP target.

Now I would like an app, which allows me to stream audio to this target. I am mainly interested in streaming from my Spotify app to XBMC, so I guess it has to get the raw audio channel. How can I achieve that or what app is available?

Also, how could I stream videos to XBMC? This is more of an optional thing as I don’t think I would really use it, but it would be nice to know.

I would be open to also use another technology apart from UPnP, if it is feasabile (AirPlay?).

Any help appreciated.

I’ve moved this to the Fairphone Help! category.

Thanks. You might want to clarify the category descriptions. I actually read them and thought that “Talk about the Fairphone OS, software and apps” is more appropriate than “If you have a problem with your phone”. Although this question presents a problem, I am mainly loonking for a software recommendation. Clarifications would help that I (and maybe others…) am not doing the same mistake again.

There’s no native support for this but there are plenty of apps that can do this.

Well, I am aware that this is not running out-of-the-box and this is exactly what I’d like to know: What apps can I use for this? I haven’t found anything yet where I can simply e.g. stream all audio from my phone to another device.

I was thinking of DLNA. I’m not too familliar with XBMC but I understand it supports DLNA, so you can use one of the many DLNA apps to stream content from your phone to XBMC. There’s various apps that can stream content from your phone to a DLNA target. AllCast is one of the most popular ones. The free version has a 5 minute viewing limit though, so you’ll need to pay the 3-and-a-bit euros for the full version) but there’s plenty of free alternatives as well.

This is relevant to my interests. The only way I’ve got this working the “free” way was using Yaacc and VLC on my Linux machine. Start a Yaacc local server and open media in VLC->Playlist->Local Network->Universal Plug’n’Play. I also tried to install XBMC on top of Debian but it died on me.
I’m sure there’s an easier proprietary/Windows way.

I also like the idea of remote controls (like Remote for VLC and Remuco) with which you can also browse the remote library.

Have a look in the playstore for BubbleUPnP. This app presents you with all the DLNA renderers and libraries it finds on your network then you can stream from any library to any renderer

As I didn’t want to install GPlay I installed BubbleUPnP from Aptoide and realized it’s already available as an Xposed module.
This lead me to looking for a UPnP renderer. On Debian Wheezy I’ve got it working with the aforementioned Yaacc and rygel-playbin. Choose as MediaServer (earth globe with network plug), start Rygel Developers 0.1 and tick it as client (laptop symbol) in Yaacc.

You can also set up XBMC as media renderer by going to System->Settings->Network and tick “Allow control of XBMC via UPnP” and then restart XBMC.

Up till now I have only played Yaacc’s files (Jamendo “MP3”). What you can play should really only be dependent on your renderer. (There’s a GStreamer plugin for Rygel available; ). There shouldn’t be a reason being not able to play files.

So this works without BubbleUPnP but I don’t know if that’s applicable to streaming from other apps like Spotify. But I’ve read somewhere in the BUPnP help that it’s able do this … Look Audio Cast which may be an in-app feature (Xposed module).

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