How to stop fairphone switching to the wi-fi hotspot with stronger signal?

There are 2 wifi hotspot in my dorm. Let’s call them Alpha and Beta.
Alpha has stronger signal, but I want to connect my phone to Beta sometimes,
since my computer is connected to Beta, too.

I store the password of Both Alpha and Beta in my phone.
When I manualy switch to Beta, my phone switch back to Alpha automatically in seconds.
(I have turn off the auto-connecting of the network.)
My previous android phone will not connect to the other hotspots if I manually choose one.

Is this a android 13 feature, fairphone feature, or it only happen to me?
Does anyone know how to fix this? (without forget the wifi. input password again is annoying)

Could you instead save the password(s) for one or both hotspots in a file somewhere, & copy+paste it when you need it?

My worst solution is to make some scanable ssid QRCode.
Hope there are other solutions.