How to stop email only contacts from showing in message app

Hi there, since adding a new sim card, I now have all my google contacts showing when I click to add a recipient in the message writing app (for both sim cards), even those who don’t have phone numbers assigned.

They don’t show in my contact list or the phone list. In message settings, I’ve unticked the box in the general settings section that says ‘Show email address’, but they’re still there.

Since google automatically adds anyone who has ever emailed you to your contact list this list is now ridiculously long, so any help appreciated!


Same here, when I write a group message, contacts get selected with phone number + mail address. I also ticked the setting to exclude mail addresses.

Unfortunately the solution I was going to suggest doesn’t work. I’ve just double checked and I’m wrong I have all the people there that I didn’t want.

I think the easiest way to text people is to start typing their name rather than searching. If you want to add more, you click back to the box and start typing again. You can then also select which number to text if a contact has multiple numbers. I find this easier

I have a contact group with 28 members and it would be against the intention of groups to select every member individually.

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At the moment I just want to send a text message with my new number to everyone who I think needs it - but I’d rather not go through my thousands (!) of gmail contacts to work out who it needs to go to!

When sending individual messages its never a problem as I can type the name or just reply to the last message. I guess that’s why I’ve only just noticed it.

Given that you can choose not to show people without phone numbers elsewhere this has got to be a glitch?