How to start a phone call from the lock screen with Android 6?

With Android 5.1, I used to wipe from the bottom left edge to start a phone call. I mean, when I wanted to reach a human whose phone number I knew.

Now it changed and instead starting the phone call after unlocking I am confronted with something else.
changed quick access icons

So at the moment I swipe upward, unlock, search the phone icon in the second row from the bottom, try to hit it (often I have too fat fingers) and then I can start to lookup the number.

Really? Is that the way I am supposed to make phone calls now?

Or is there something better?

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With #dic:gravitybox you can make shortcuts on your lockscreen that allow you to start some apps before/without unlocking the phone (you’d need #dic:root and #dic:xposed for that).
Another way would be to install an alternative lockscreen (often they come bundled with custom #launchers) that has this function.

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… or you could simply disable the Assist feature:
Go to Settings / Apps / :gear: / Default Apps / Assist & voice input / Assist app and set that to None.

(This is becoming my favorite de-googlifying setting in Marshmallow. :sunglasses:)


Thanks, you saved me.
Although I looked through the settings I did not find this…

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