How to silence and/or block "flash messages"

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Today I got my first “Flash message” on my Fairphone 2. I thought it was a pop-up at first, but understood it was part of Messages and not Firefox. For the record I am on the latest Fairphone 2 upgrade (as of now).

My gripe with getting a “scam” flash message wasnt the message per se, but that it wasn’t silenced by my silence mode. I am using the settings that allow only certain contacts to be heard, but this flash message sounded loud and clear. So first solution I am hoping for, is a way to silence flash messages as well.

If that isn’t possible, is there a way to restrict/block flash messages in settings? Since they are sadly used for scam purposes also and suddenly pop up on your screen, I do not look forward to hiking and maybe clicking on the links without knowing.

Or third options, if there are any Apps or other solutions that are readily available for a similar purpose, to have more options with regards to Flash messages.

Thanks a lot for any help, and a big thank you to Fairphone for creating this forum.

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Could you explain a bit more detailed what you mean with flash messages and maybe take a screenshot of one? I’ve never heard of that before.
Did you install a new app recently that could be the cause for these popups? Some apps request the permission to discplay content on the screen even when they’re not in active use. You could have a look at settings > apps > permissions to revoke this permission, maybe that helps.


Hi Stanzi,

So, when I got the message, the first thing I did was click the Square button (hotkey), the one that lets you scroll between apps you are currently using. There I saw that this message was using the “Messages” app. But when I looked in my inbox, there was nothing, and when I closed messages, it just disappered.
After googling what happened, I surmised that it had to have been a “flash message”:
** A message that appears on the recipient’s mobile screen directly. Recipient does not need go to the mobile phone inbox to read the message, nor is the message allocated to the SMS inbox.**
Courtesy -

If you scroll down on this page you can see an image of it.

There are alerts settings on messages, but nothing about “flash messages” in particular.


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I remember some shops and restaurants which broadcasted such messages to my mobile phone when I was close to them…

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