How to set multiple alarms

Regarding spam 7: whilst on this screen tap on alarm icon.
Set your alarm
When ready tap on the triangle icon left at the bottom of the screen.
Next time you tap on the clock it will show the alarm page.


@Lidwien: Yes, I found it. In my alarm settings it’s at the far right of that alarm page!
The big change that is never comes up since I did all those changes mentioned above.
But I got another notification that i should change the settings, so I did. And I saw one settings saying I can only have 3 alarms a day. BUT there are days that I NEED MORE!!
So I checked everything but… now, in Alarm when choosing Settings that choice has disappeared!! And it’s not the first time settings and screens changes!!
This time it was in less than half a minute… or if I’m mistaken: in less than a minute. I never left Alarms between the 2.
Juste a few seconds before, where I saw really a a lot of Alarm option (all in Alarm) and the background was white. Half a minute later, it is black with only 6 Alarms options (and other for clock, timers & screensaver.
I also put clock to display the seconds, but this doesn’t seem to <work. Maybe after next reboot?

PS: I use this forum only on desktop comp. Tying all this (even with voice-to-text) is too much for me & I need an overview, which I can’t have on a FP (or for that matter on any smartphone).

As you can see I have several alarms set.
By tapping on the + in the yellow circle I can make an extra alarm.

@Lidwien: Dear ludwien it’s not about how to add an alarm (I’ve 11 of them ad need to add 3 or 4 more) because I need them based any a lot of contraints and very different each day of the week (except one).
I wrote:
“I got another notification that i should change the settings, so I did. And I saw one settings saying I can only have 3 alarms a day.”

It’s about a settings with a (¡¡¡)white(!!!) background, which never came back! < < < I should have mentioned it right away. Sorry.
I can’t remember how it occurred (This site says It was 4 days ago).
Maybe’s it’s old Settings (the one with the white background) which popped-up by accident (as far as I can remember most of these settings were the same as the normal ones in Clock)
In the meantime I checked it with 5 alarms on 1 day and they worked all 5. So I can drop it. In those 4 days it never came back.

I’ve a list of 4 major (severe to me) inconsistencies which makes it hard for me to do regular operations. Do you advice me to make it 4 different topics, can I put them all 4 together?
It’s about Alarm, Voice-to-text, normal text-editing & Notes.

PS about Clock Settings: Display time with seconds NEVER works. Do I inform Android [Y] or Fairphone? And yes, I can live without :slight_smile: or is it normal it’s only displayed in clock itself?

On your start screen it will show only the next 3 upcoming alarms. It doesn’t show there all your alarms you have set, only the first 3 alarms coming.
Yes, make different topics.
No, the display never will show seconds. It’s an android thing.

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