How to send back my FP2 for repair?

Hello everyone,

I already posted a topic about my phone which does not recognise the battery and cannot work unless it is “on charge”. I went to a shop that sells fairphone in Geneva and they tried to change the battery, the charger but nothing worked, so it has to be tiny pieces inside the phone, connectors or I don’t know what. Because I bought my phone here, on the official website, they could not repair it for me and It is still under warranty! So I want to send it for repair in the Netherlands. I contacted the company as mentioned in their repair and returns section to ask what I had to do and when i could send it back but never got any answer. It has almost been 2 weeks and meanwhile my phone is still not working!!! What am I supposed to do?! What’s the procedure?

Thanks for your answers!

Unfortunately support is swamped, but contacting them is the only way to go forward.
Give them a call and tell them the ticket number of your support request to speed things up.

Also next time please use the search function before posting. Just searching “return” would have immediately found you the answer.